Joyo GemBox 3


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◆ 61 high quality preamp modulations

◆ 9 effects module, and a total of 157 effect types

◆ 26 built-in cabinet modulations, supports third party IR

◆ 300 preset tones

◆ Adjustable signal chain lets you arrange the internal effects how you like

◆ Various interface suitable for different venues

◆ With user-friendly knobs

◆ Programmable outputs for easy integration into any live setup

◆ Supports USB AUDIO recording, PC editing and firmware update.

( Windows PC requires ASIO4ALL driver)

◆ With integrated 52 seconds LOOPER

◆ Supports headphones output for practicing quietly

◆ Supports Auxiliary input for audio playback

◆ Drum machine with 40 drum patterns and 10 metronome rhythms.

◆ IR sample info

◆ IR file format: WAV

◆ Sampling accuracy: 24bit(supports 16/24/32 third party IR files)

◆ Sample rate: 44.1KHz(supports full sample rate third party IR load)

◆ Sampling length: 1024pts